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Outdoor Thanksgiving Games

Stool Ball Game

Stool Ball Game

How to play:

An old outdoor game, using a light-weight three-legged stool, a soccer ball, and a strong stick.

Place the stool in the middle of the yard. One player is "the stoolie" and must defend their stool with the stick. The other players stand behind a line about 10 to 15 feet away. Each player takes a turn at trying to knock over the stool by throwing the ball at it. The stoolie uses the stick to bat the ball away. The player who successful at knocking over the stool is then deemed the new "stoolie.

We found many variations to this game, our favorites were to protect the stool with your body (No hands) or using two balls players stand in a circle around the stoolie and stool with both balls trying to knock down the stool at the same time.